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The Plantagenet Connection

A semi-annual journal on medieval and royal genealogy. This is the premier journal for medieval genealogy. Contributors are well known and acknowledged experts in this very specialized field.

Secret Sins of the Mothers

A novel by Dorothy Morris. A young girl’s diary from Civil War times is found hidden in an heirloom desk. The discovery dramatically alters the lives of her modern day descendants. This hardback edition is now specially priced. A sequel to this absorbing novel is now available directly below this entry.

Coyotes Of Creek Crossing

A new novel by Dorothy K. Morris. Sequel to "Secret Sins of the Mothers".  In Coyotes of Creek Crossing, the second installment in The Mockingbird Hill series, we again meet Charlie O’Donnell and others whom we first met in Secret Sins of the Mothers. Charlie has fought the good fight for his beloved South in the Civil War. Now his path takes him on a journey to strange new lands.

Breedah's Whale

A novel by Eugene Mullan. The best book about man and whale since Melville’s Moby Dick. Winner of the Betty Trask Award given to the best novelist under the age of thirty-five in the United Kingdom. A literary triumph set in Ireland during the harsh years of the potato famine.

Woden's Wolf

A novel by Geoff Boxell. Historically accurate and spellbinding, this is a story of the Norman invasion of England from the English point of view. This book is to the Middle Ages what Lonesome Dove was to the western novel, brutally honest and totally absorbing. 550 pages. $19.95, trade bound. Temporarily out of print but available in PDF format on CD for $14.95.

The Ancestry of Elizabeth of York

Compiled by Marlyn Lewis, a reference work for medieval genealogy showing 20 generations from the wife of Henry Tudor and the last Plantagenet Queen of England.

From Tribes to Nations

By Kenneth Harper Finton, a primer on medieval genealogy, tracing a line of descent for 1600 years through the famous European royal lines. The book contains many illustrations and historical sketches.