The Plantagenet Connection 1993-1997

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1. The Premiere Issue (Kenneth Harper Finton)

1. Where Did the Name Plantagenet Come From? (Kenneth Harper Finton)

2. The Legendary Ancestors of Alfred the Great (Kenneth Harper Finton)

3. The Ancestors of Alfred the Great (Kenneth Harper Finton

11. England's Plantagenet Lines (Carol Collins)

16. English Norman Lines (Carol Collins)

18. The English House of the Plantagenets (Carol Collins)

23. Letters to the Editor

23. Seeking Peter and Thomas Browne Connections

24. The Danvers of Dauntsey (Stuart J. Wright)

26. King Alfred's Country (Stuart J. Wright)

27. Boadicea the Warrior Queen (Kenneth Harper Finton)

33. French Merovingian Ancestries -- Including the House of Hainault and the House of Navarre (Carol Collins)

37. The Early Ancestral Line of Charlemagne (Kenneth Harper Finton)

The Origin of Mother Goose (Kenneth Harper Finton)

45. A Medieval Scribe at Work (Illustration)

46. Tiberius Claudius Caesar (Illustration)

47. The Caesar Dynasty (Pedigree Chart)

48. Descendant Chart of the Caesar Dynasty (Kenneth Harper Finton)

51. Claudius and the Roman Connection (Kenneth Harper Finton)

63. Of Claudia and Pudens (Kenneth Harper Finton)

80. The Legendary Roman Descent of Geoffrey Plantagenet (Victoria Hughes)

82. Pudens and Claudia (Edwin Guest)

97. Old King Cole’s Legendary Pedigree (Kenneth Harper Finton)

98. The Search for Old King Cole (Kenneth Harper Finton)

106. An American Becomes the Earl of Aquitaine (Oscar Kraehenbuehl)

107. Letters to the Editor: The Peter Browne Ancestry

108. Connections: Of John of Gaunt and Katherine Roet

109. Geoffrey Chaucer; To His Empty Purse (poem)

110. Of Kings and Heroes and the Natural Order (Kenneth Harper Finton)

112. The Shepherd's Wife's Song (Robert Greene) (poem)

113. Plantagenet Historical Background (Ron Collins)

128. The Latter Plantagenets (Pedigree Chart)

129. The Tragedy of Richard II (Kenneth Harper Finton)

138. Songs from "The Beggars' Opera" (John Gay) (poems)

139. Henry IV (Kenneth Harper Finton)

141. On Genius and a Man's Work (John Ruskin)

142. Henry the Fifth at the Battle of Agincourt (Kenneth Harper Finton)

144. To the Cambro-Britons and Their Harp: His Ballad of Agincourt (Michael Drayton) (poem)

145. Song of the Mouse (Charles de Orleans) (poem)

146. Illustration (Man and Woman Seated at a Table)

147. Research Help (Carol Collins)

148. Letters to the Editor: The Parents of Elizabeth FitzAlan

149. Connections: Margaret Stafford; Hugh de Audley

150. Reviews: Richard III and the Princes in the Tower by Dr. A. J. Pollard. Reviewed by Mary Grimaldi

151. The Blood Royal of Britain by the Marquis of Ruvigny and Raineva. Reviewed by Kenneth Harper Finton

152. Arnulf and the Worms

152. My Books (Robert Southey) (poem)

153. Can Leadership Qualities Be Genetically Inherited? (Kenneth Harper Finton)

156. Three Field Farming

156. Camping Alert (humor)

157. The Royal Genealogy of American Presidents (Kenneth Harper Finton)

175. How They Lived in the Middle Ages (Ron Collins)

191. The Tobacco-Smoker's Dream (Siuer de Saint Amant) (poem)

192. Charles, Duk de Orleans (Mike Talbot)

205. To the Virgins (Robert Herrick) (poem)

206. Illustration: Corneille Reading in the Hotel de Rambouillet

207. Questions and Answers About The Ancestry of Elizabeth of York

210. Illustration: April 1995 Cover; The Brinton House

211. Medieval Queenship, John Carmi Parsons, editor. Reviewed by Miriam Shadis

213. The Politics of Dreaming in the Carolingian Empire by Paul Edward Dutton. Reviewed by Patrick J. Geary

216. Women's Lives in Medieval Europe: A Sourcebook. Edited by Emile Amt. Reviewed by Michael Calabrese.

220. Letters to the Editor: Ada de Warren; Lineage of President Benjamin Harrison to Hugh Capet; Joan Beaufort/Edward Stradling; Fiennes/Clinton; New book by Mike Talbot; New book by James Trigg

222. Search the "Book of Sufferings" for Quaker Ancestors (Carol Collins)

222. London Library Holds 300 Years of Quaker Records (Carol Collins)

223. The Veils of Time (Kenneth Harper Finton) (poem)

224. The Dudley/Bagley Mystery: Richard Nixon's Unproven Royal Lineage (Leslie Tucker, Col. Charles Hansen, Neil Thompson)

230. The Lincoln Ancestry (Pedigree Chart}

231. The Lincoln / Hanks Ancestry (Kenneth Harper Finton)

242. Ossian's Lament in Old Age (Ossian) (poem)

243. Magna Carta Barons (Ron Collins)

247. October 1995 Cover Illustration

248. Letters to the Editor: Regarding the Birth Date of Edward IV; The Bagley/Dudley Descent; Charlemagne to John Taylor; Henry II's Marriage; The Bruce/Stewart Families

250. Columns and Queries: It's All In How You Look at It (Carol Collins) Regarding the Quest for Ada de Warren; Re: Jane Beaufort

252. Eleanor of Castile: Queen and Society in Thirteenth-Century England, by John Carmi Parsons. Reviewed by Constance H. Berman.

255. Braveheart (Movie Review) (Kenneth Harper Finton)

257. Rob Roy (Movie Review) (Kenneth Harper Finton)

260. Incantation by Amerigan, a druid bard (poem)

261. The Plantagenet Family History (Ron Collins)

281. Anglo-Saxon Royal Saints: Leaders in Two Worlds (John Damon)

286. Tidbits: Anglo-Saxon Myths

288. The Taliaferro Family History: A new book by John Kenneth Ellis

289. Beowulf in the 11th Century: For the Ladies on the Audience (Karen Foster)

295. The Anglo-Saxon Ancestry to Adam (Tony Jebson)

296. The History of the English Language (Humor) (Owen Alun and Brendan O'Corraidhe)

298. Ancient Anglo-Saxon Charm #6: For a Delayed Birth (Translated by Dr. Louis Rodrigues)

299. April 1996 Cover Illustration

300. Florent et Lyon. Wilhelm Salzmann: Kaiser Octavianus. Reviewed by Albrecht Classen

302. The Singer Resumes the Tale by Albert Bates Lord. Reviewed by Barry B. Powell

308. Ancestor Chart for Joseph Harrington; The Isle of Dogs; Questions on The Ancestry of Elizabeth of York; Raleigh Croshaw

213. Richard III (Movie Review) (Kenneth Harper Finton)

313. The Madness of King George (Movie Review) (Kenneth Harper Finton)

314. Why Genealogy? (Kenneth Harper Finton)

315. The Bradford Connection (The Sharpe Relation to the Mayflower Families) (D. A. Sharpe)

318. Gloucester Cathedral (Illustration)

319. The Lincoln/Taylor Connection

326. The Dudley/Bagley Mystery Continued

328. The Ancestors of Riccord Hussey (Compiled by Roy Leggitt)

377. A Brief History of the Plantagenets (Ron Collins)

388. Emma: Queen of England

392. October 1996 Cover Illustration

393. Letter to the Editor: Terrell Descents; Merovingian Ancestries; King John's Daughter Joan; Old King Cole; Comments on the Lincoln /Taylor Connection; The Vindication of Anglo-Saxon Women; The Birthdates of the Children of Clementia, Mistress of King John; Knights of the Bath

398. Anglo-Saxon Maternal Ties (Robin D. Smith)

405. Grimes: Both a Surname and a Word

406. The Dudley/Bagley Mystery Concluded (Kenneth Harper Finton)

425. Woden's Wolf (excerpt from a new novel by Geoff Boxell) "The Eastings"

462. Lutefish and Yams by Lord Ulf Gunnarsson (Humor)

464. Chanson de Marie (poem from the Old French)

465. Book Review: Alfred by Professor Alfred Smyth. Reviewed by Professor David Howlett

466. April 1997 Cover Illustration

467. Literature Vs. History = Myth Vs. Reality (Kenneth Harper Finton)

469. The Death Song of Arthur Pendragon (11th-century poem)

470. Truth and the Genealogy of Jesus (Professor David Howlett)

472. The Genealogy of Jesus (Kenneth Harper Finton)

498. Emma of Normandy (Deanna Dawn Forsman)

505. Headless Bodies Unearthed from 1066 Battle of Hastings

506. The Genealogy of a Fourteenth Century English Romance: Horn Childe and Maiden Rimnild (Dr. Rochelle Altman)

526. Book Review: Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists: The Descent from the Later Plantagenet Kings of England, Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, and Edward III, of Emigrants from England and Wales to the North American Colonies Before 1701, by David Faris. Reviewed by Henry B. Hoff.

527. October 1997 Cover Illustration

528. Letters to the Editor: Joan of England; Urraca of Castile; Emma; Goddard/Giffard; Margaret Plantagenet and Lord John Segrave; Sybil de Braose; Thomas of Woodstock

533. Evidence: Write it Down (Carol Collins)

533. Wulf and Eadwacer (poem) (author unknown) (Translated by Dr. Louis Rodrigues)

534. Gwenllian, Princess of Wales: Did a Welsh Princess Write the Four Branches of the Mabinogi? (Dr. Andrew Breeze, University of Pamplona)

541. Medieval Heraldry (Mike Talbot)

547. Was Hugh Capet a Descendant of Charlemagne?

553. The Empress Matilda

559. Succession and the Sons of Henry II