All the known ancestors of Elizabeth of York, the last Plantagenet Queen of England, mother of Queen Elizabeth I and wife of Henry VII Tudor. Each reference source is given in the data.


Marlyn Lewis, the compiler of the data, is the Chief of Finance for the PublicDepartment of Health for the State of Oregon. Long interested in genealogy and royal connections, he began this project while tracing his own family connection to the Plantagenet dynasty. He has a master’s degree in accounting and language skills that enable him to take advantage of non-English genealogical source material. The Ancestry of Elizabeth of York is the product of his many years of research and countless hours of concentrated data entry. The quest for this information has led Mr. Lewis to research both American libraries and other specialized libraries in various countries around the world.

 John Stuart is a resident of Southern California where he is an executive with a high-technology company. His interest in medieval genealogy was stimulated by a relative who also traced a branch of their family to the Plantagenet lineage. Reference to his computer database on this subject matter caused him to formulate a series of detailed and observant questions for Mr. Lewis as excerpts of the Elizabeth of York ahnenliste were published in The Plantagenet Connection.  Mr. Lewis incorporated many of Mr. Stuart’s observations in subsequent versions of the file. Portions of the exchange between Mr. Lewis and Mr. Stuart have been published in The Plantagenet Connection. Mr. Stuart also played a central role in preparing The Ancestry of Elizabeth of York for publication.

 Kenneth Harper Finton is a Colorado resident and publisher and editor of the afore-mentioned The Plantagenet Connection, published since 1993. He is also author of From Tribes to Nations, A Family Saga from the 6th to the 20th Centuries, a genealogically-oriented historical chronicle of the evolution of European royal houses. In addition to his passion for matters historical, Mr. Finton is a publisher, a recording artist and a songwriter. He can be reached through HT Communications.